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6on6 CUP written by trikolor, 2009-08-16 18:57 CEST (3 comments)

After a series of one-day cups, I am proud to present you the four 'big' 6on6 tournament (probably with prizes if i find sponsors) with group stage and playoffs (double elimination), in which could play only active and stable clans. In the previous tournament a lot of teams died during or before the tournament has ended. Now, clans will be carefully selected, that a similar incident is not repeated anymore. It is summer and not everyone has the time, so please once again to submit only active teams with stable lineup.

Sign up: Open from 16 of august to 23 of august
Teams: 16/32 (4 groups of 4 teams or 8 groups of 4 teams)
Cup channel: #CROW.cup
Cup site: www.reminder.tourney.cc
Admin: Skeit


* Global 6on6 config
* CB / ETX / ETbot list / Fusen & ESL banned players not allowed
* Sides allowed in all maps
* You must record demos during every match
* No To Be Announced (TBA) line-up
* Each team leader, who will play in the tournament must be in the channel #CROW.cup
* Each team has one wild card that can be used to move the match to another date
* Each team can add during the tournament, only three new players
* Each team has 48 hours after the match to send the results to admin/referee
* Players without pb guids @ cup site cant play in the tournament.
* Other rules 6on6 ClanBase Open Cup


* sw goldrush te
* bremen b2
* sp. delivery
* radar
* adlernest
* supply
* missile b2
* sos secret weapon

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